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If you want to set up a high-quality presentation or performance, you might need to hire the professional services of a local Audio Company. The best bet is a company equipped with its own Sound System and related equipment. Serving clients in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland areas,  Klassic Sound is a full-service Production Company. We have a well-trained staff, ready and willing to arrive at any venue and set up the right equipment. All we need is advance notice so we will be sure to offer the technology required for your special event. We know how to ask the right questions so that we can stage a successful production. For example, you might need to hire a Sound Company or Stage Company for a speaker at your regional conference. The former comes in handy when you have a guest musical group or comedy act performing, and you want to accommodate the performance on a professional sound stage. You might need a Portable Stage when setting up a photo or video shoot or even a public relations extravaganza. If a VIP is coming to town and a large audience is expected, it will be worth it to spend extra on a full stage rental. The best part about working with a Production Company, specializing in sound production, is that you will only hire the capabilities needed. A team-for-hire also comes in handy when your event must travel to several locations. Once you get the stage and sound the way you want them at the first venue, it is a snap for our crew to set up the same arrangement at other venues. If you will do your own production, ask about our affordable rates for PA Rental and Speaker Rental. We also want to help your organization preserve the Audio Recording of a special event, such as a musical performance. It will be worth having in the future. Let us quote you our costs for Remote Recording or Audio Recording. If you ever need an Audio Technician to service a sound stage, we can negotiate a reasonable fee. Please note that Klassic Sound is committed to staffing your next event in a way that exceeds your expectations. We do everything in our power to ensure that the event is successful. That way you’ll hire us next year. Thank you for your interest in Klassic Sound. We look forward to serving your Audio and Stage needs now and in the future. You can get personalized assistance by calling (301) 792-6496 or e-mail us at mail@klassicsound.com.