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For the 5th consecutive year Klassic Sound returned to the Organization of American States building in Washington DC to provide turnkey production for the Heights School’s annual Maryland Gala. Technical requirements included a 32’x6’x3’h modular stage complemented by a front lighting wash, LED uplighting, and an audio system to reinforce speech, skits, and musical performances.

The most challenging aspect of this production was probably physically getting our equipment from our truck to the room. The less than ideal load in route furnished a one hundred yard narrow push to a tantalizingly, small freight elevator. After stage decks and road cases found their way to the second floor another fifty yard push was endured before finally reaching our destination. As in many historic government buildings, the fate of our insurance premiums would rest in the hands of our conscientious staff. Spoiler alert: the Klassic crew left the building without leaving a scratch, scrape, ding, or dent, on any wall, doorway, or floor, despite the challenging obstacle course of a route.

An unorthodox audio configuration worked out well in this long, cavernous ballroom. Spanning the room length and opposing the stage, five JBL VRX932 line array speakers were mounted atop five discretely placed schedule 40 pipe and base. The design’s objective was to project reinforced audio evenly throughout the room, and to maximize line of sight to the stage. A diverse run of show included performances from a choir, jazz band, and pianist, with multiple speeches and skits peppered in. To accommodate, four large diaphragm condenser microphones, four Countryman headsets, two wireless handheld microphones, an assortment of dynamic microphones, and pair of direct boxes would complete the input list. Needless to say, tuning the PA was of high priority only moments after cabling. All inputs and parameters were processed through a Behringer x32 Rack console, and could be accessed remotely from anywhere in the room via the x32 iPad application.

The lighting design incorporated eight leko fixtures for front lighting of the long, shallow stage, and eight wireless LED fixtures for illuminating upstage pillars. Individual control of each leko was imperative as different stage sections were to come into focus on cue over the course of the program. The wireless LED fixtures featured RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) color mixing allowing our client to select the perfect colors to set the mood for the evening. The benefits of the wireless fixtures were in full effect as power, time, and aesthetics were of the essence for this installation. Our Elation Magic­260 dmx controller made it easy to precisely set dimming and color parameters. After a few minutes of programming, multiple scenes could be viewed with the touch of a button.

As in previous years, Klassic Sound provided a full scale production that was second to none. Thorough logistical planning by our sales staff set the stage for our production crew to complete a successful installation with time to spare. In turn, execution was flawless, earning us the opportunity to do it all over again next year.