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take 5 jazz concert at the smithsonian in washington dc with klassic sound


May 19, 2013 Klassic Sound was contracted to provide audio reinforcement for one of the most popular and entertaining 5K races in the country. The Color Run D.C., hosted at the National Harbor in Ft. Washington, MD, saw over 5000 people in attendance that day. This was the third Color Run D.C. Klassic Sound has participated in in the past two years, and by far, the best turnout. We created a starting line system that stretched over 200 feet with delay towers, and built our largest finish line system to date, which was accompanied by one of our custom stages.

Both starting and finish line systems utilized our EAW KF650 top boxes rigged over 16 feet in the air. We used our fifth order band pass Zann Thug subwoofers (loaded with double 18″ B&C drivers, and rated at 2800 watts continuous) to complete the full range audio representation at each site. Arrangement of each system was radically different and key to accomplishing the needs for each scenario.

At the starting line, we rigged a single KF650 cabinet on a lift on each side of National Plaza near our mixing station. An additional cabinet on a lift for each side of the street were placed approximately 200 ft. from our mixing station.  That’s four lifts, four 650s, and about 600′ of NL8 cable just for the starting system! I think next year we are going to need more if this event keeps growing. We were able to delay the lift towers located down the street directly through subgroup mixes in our Presonus StudioLive 24 mixer, and we ran two subwoofers on an auxiliary mix under each near tower. The design of this starting line system was developed for the need to throw sound as far as possible down the narrow National Plaza race entrance.

The finish line system had the opposite need. In the wide parking lot at the harbor, our goal was to disperse sound evenly throughout the area. We accomplished this by combining three KF650 cabinets per side of the stage in a virtual array pattern. At nearly 600lbs per lift, we were at the maximum threshold. The finish line system was accompanied by two SoundBridge trapezoidal cabinets as front fills, and six Zann Thug subwoofers, both run on auxiliary mixes.

We will continue to improve and add onto those systems as this race grows. For more information on the Color Run D.C., please visit their website listed below: