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March 2015, Klassic Sound administers event production services for a rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. Production requirements entail a professional audio system to reinforce speech and live music, a two-tiered stage with white lighting wash, press riser, crowd barricade, generator power, and weather protection for equipment and presenters. Despite the gloomy, wet weather, production elements came together seamlessly and punctually, setting the stage for a powerful presentation with an important message.

Of high priority as the truck unloaded was to set our footprint. Immediately the crew leader confirmed generator placement, as the stage and press riser build simultaneously commenced. At the threat of foul weather tent construction expeditiously followed, while barricade and cable ramp swiftly found their homes. Assembly of the audio system began promptly, and bada bing bada boom, installation marched towards completion.

Comfortably accommodating the  modest crowd a JBL line array showcased two VRX932 speakers pole mounted to a VRX918 subwoofer at downstage left and downstage right. With amplification and digital signal processing enabled courtesy of Crown I-Tech series amplifiers, reinforced audio was heard cleanly and clearly as the rig ran tri-amped. With remote access to amplifier monitoring and system parameters via Harman’s Audio Architect software, and input processing accessible anywhere within the venue using the Behringer x32 rack console and iPad application,  we were armed to the teeth for an afternoon of inspiring speeches and patriotic songs.

Similar to so many political rallies held in Washington DC, acquisition of quality audio and video footage was critical. In accommodation, a mult box made available at the the press riser delivered a crystal clear audio signal to all cameras present . Four ellipsoidal fixtures rigged to pipe and base produced an essential white stage wash, while an attentive crew kept connections dry and the production intact.

Mothers spoke, fathers spoke, as did congressman, soldiers, and various loved ones. The musician was cool with a smooth sound on his acoustic guitar, singing with effortless confidence into an sm58. Lasting all of ninety minutes the presentation was emotional and compelling, leaving an abiding impression on everyone in attendance. For the next two hours a consistent light rain accompanied our eight man crew as equipment was removed to the truck. Despite Mother Nature’s attempts to sabotage the day, our determined crew remained diligent, taking all possible steps to ensure production success. Luckily everything and everyone made it back to Baltimore unscathed, and per the usual, our client offered grateful words of appreciation for our service.