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Wedding Lighting Testimonial

I reached out to Mike at Klassic Sound asking if he was able to provide special lighting (pinspots) for my wedding. At the time, I knew nothing about the lighitng I needed (my florists’ request) and Mike was so easy to work with. He worked directly with my florist, leaving very little for me to […]

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Testimonial from House Technician for Regina Belle

Hey Mike, Just wanted to say thanks again for a great job. Nathan was on top of his game, the gear worked and sounded good. I felt very comfortable with your leadership of the team. You guys have a lot of “Klass” ! Jeremiah Hamilton House Engineer for Regina Belle Systems Application Engineer/Designer LD Systems […]

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WinterFest Music Festival Testimonial

“…I could not be more pleased with the guys you sent out, they were totally professional, never cut a corner and were completely attentive to every detail throughout the entire event…”

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Wedding Audio Testimonial

“…I appreciate the fact that your equipment was top-notch and in really good shape. We got a ton of compliments on the sound and I have you guys to thank for that, so thank you!…”

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