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We have the following used equipment for sale. All equipment working to manufacturers specifications, and in good cosmetic condition. Used for local festivals and one off productions.

Listen before you buy at our Baltimore, MD location.


(12) EAW kf 650e with NL8 + NL4 connectors @ $2,000/pair

PLEASE NOTE: kf650’s can be purchased separately in sets of (4)


(12) kf650 dolly

(12) kf650 cloud9 cover

ATM Flyware for kf650:

(2X) 12space shock mount amp rack for kf650e @ $5,000/ea


(1) EAW ux8800 DSP

(1) Crown I-Tech6000

(2) Crown I-Tech 4000

(3X) L5-30 connector panel

PLEASE NOTE: each amp rack will only be sold alongside the purchase of (6) eaw kf650’s, however eaw kf650’s can be purchased separately in sets of (4) and not necessarily with amp racks.

(8) double 18″ Zann sub-woofer $2,800/pair

(5th order band pass, B&C 18sp100 drivers, 2800watts cont. @ 8ohms) with dolly and cover included with purchase of pair.


(4) JBL VRX932 w/road case @ $6,500

(6) JBL VRX918 w/casters and cover @ $6,000