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Summer 2015, Klassic Sound contracts turnkey production for a private concert with Vince Neil held at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD. Technical requirements included supply of a Stageline SL250 mobile stage, front of house racks, stacks, and control, on-stage monitor system, concert lighting rig, and two 125kva diesel generators.

Load in began promptly at 6AM with a twelve man crew. FoH utilized an EAW kf650 point source array with six cabinets flown per side, and a Digi Design Venue control package. Monitors included eight bi-amped JBL VRX915m wedges downstage, five JBL VRX932 over five JBL VRX918’s for stereo side fills and a three way drum fill. A Shure in-ear-monitor system was available for Vince, and our Yamaha M7CL-48 was placed at side stage. A source four 60K par wash from the upstage and downstage truss, and four Chauvet Rouge R2 specials completed the lighting rig, along with a couple Molefay audience blinders, and DF-50 hazers. Everything went up swiftly and was ready to go for the 2PM sound check.

Vince Neil’s crew were humble pro’s, as was his band. The front of house engineer had the trap boxes tuned and sounding excellent in a matter of minutes. Slaughter’s drummer, bass player, and guitar player were backing on this gig, and they owned the stage from the moment they walked on. All parties played nicely together and by 4PM it was time to clean up for the show.

The ninety minute performance went on without a hitch. The rig sounded great, light show was phenomenal, and Vince rocked the house. As luck would have it, the weather held out until load out began. The following six hours were accompanied by a constant drizzle, but everyone hung in there, and trucks were packed before the sun came up.

Check out a time lapse of the set-up below!