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Our Applied Line Array Towers provide style, function and value when flying production elements such as line array speaker systems, and LED video walls. A perfect solution for a corporate meeting or an outdoor festival, these towers are a great additional to any production inventory.

The Applied LA16-30 and LA16-35 towers feature a modular design for fast assembly and easy transportation. The towers are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are available in either spigoted or bolted truss. They are hinged for easy loading, have adjustable leveling pads and have an integrated motor pick point. The LA16-30 and LA16-35 have a load limit of 2200 lbs, and both are certified by a structural engineer.

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Line array delay tower location on 9th street at the National Mall in Washington DC
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Maximum Height

35’ (LA16-35)


21’ 8 7/8” x 19’ 2 3/8”


950 lbs (LA16-35)

Certified Load



300 lbs each leg or 500 lbs at the base

Wind Rating

45 mph – lower the load

LA 16-25



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