Clair Global I-series

Pristinely Clean & Controlled Audio Reinforcement
an unforgettable moment when we were able to use our clair line array sound system for the World Series Parade in Washington DC

Clair Global I-Series Line Array Speaker

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When control and clarity for speech or musical performance are critical throughout your venue, Clair I-Series Loudspeakers deliver clear and consistent coverage that you can count on. Powered by Lab Gruppen PLM amplifiers, trusted by touring professionals around the globe, the I-Series family of loudspeakers are truly a treat for your ears.

The Clair i-3 line array offers 3-way operation for extremely consistent SPL, frequency response, and controlled directivity, throughout the venue. A centrally located mid/high section delivers 140 degree horizontal by 10 degree vertical coverage and is symmetrically flanked by two low frequency tuned reflex chambers. Klassic Sound and Stage offers competitive pricing and superior customer service. We supply audio visual rental equipment and stage rental equipment through out the entire Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

The i-5B features a single, vented 18 inch speaker enclosure designed to provide maximum bass impact in conjunction with any Clair i-Series line array system. This high performance cabinet delivers exceptionally clean, tight low frequency output throughout the venue, and is ideal for any medium to large indoor and outdoor application.

The Clair FF-2 solves defined coverage issues with superior audio quality, and an unobtrusive design. This makes it the ideal solution as a proximity fill, near field monitor, or a portable distributed system.

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Impress your audience with a flawless audio experience. Our Clair I-Series Vertical Array Speaker System reliably delivers unparalleled audio reinforcement for Arenas, Convention Centers, Theaters, and Outdoor Applications.

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