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Need to rent a professional sound system for your event? We've got you covered.

Self Powered Speakers

CAD rendering of shure wireless microphones available to rent.

Wireless Microphones

Lab gruppen plm20k digital amplifier

Digital Amplification

Midas m32 digital mixing console 3D rendering

Digital Audio Console

CAD rendering of digital amplifier rack used with a professional line array system

Digitally Networked Systems

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Systems We Use

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With an extensive inventory of Audio Systems, Stages, Truss, and LED Video Wall equipment housed in Baltimore, MD, we are outfitted to service all scales of live event production.

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Clair Global is a manufacturer that is used by Klassic Sound and Stage

Clair Global

Our Clair Global I Series Line Array System is sure to impress. This versatile speaker system is perfect for medium to large indoor and outdoor applications.

JBL is an audio manufacturer that Klassic Sound and Stage uses in our event equipment rental inventory number 2

JBL Professional

Popular in the corporpte audio world, our JBL VRX speaker system is perfect for your small, to medium sized event for speaking engagments, and bands!

EAW is an audio manufacturer that Klassic Sound and Stage uses in our event equipment rental inventory number 2

Eastern Acoustic Works

Our EAW KF650 Point Source Array Speakers are tried and true! Powered by Lab Gruppen PLM Amplifiers, these speakers pack punch!

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System Control

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Industry leading amplification and processing included with every system

The PLM 20,000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management system seamlessly integrates an extraordinarily powerful four-channel amplifier platform with Lake Processing, Dante networked signal distribution, accurate load verification, and real time performance monitoring.

The advanced technology of LAKE Processing provides audio professionals with unparalleled power to shape and optimize sound in a variety of environments. Regardless of the make or type of loudspeaker system, the venue size or acoustics, or the program material, LAKE processing helps to create a more consistent sound with less time and hassle in system set-up. Modules offer precise settings for gain, delay, crossover slope, equalization, and limiting. Exclusive LAKE Processing algorithms are included for Raised Cosine input equalization with Mesa EQ. The LM Series also incorporates Analog input and output Iso-float ground isolation, a cost-effective and audibly superior alternative to isolation transformers.

Dante is the preferred audio networking solution that has been adopted by more pro-audio AV manufacturers than any other networking technology. Dante Controller is more than a configuration and routing matrix, it provides essential device status information and powerful real-time network monitoring, enabling quick identification and resolution of an potential network issues.
EASE Focus is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling of line arrays, sub arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers. System designers can simulate the acoustical performance of the complete sound system to find the optimal setup for a given venue with multiple audience areas, curved and inclining seating. Ease Focus assists the user with many intelligent features such as Auto Splay functions, Virtual EQ, and detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL and frequency response.
epic shot of line array speakers sitting behind the digital amplifiers and digital audio processing racks.

Products that Compliment

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3d rending of our applied electronics line array towers which come in 20' -35' heights
Line Array Tower
Static color changing LED wash lighting fixture for concerts.
LED Stage Lighting
3D rendering of our APEX 20x16 mobile stage.
Mobile Stage
3D computer aided design rendering of LED video wall
LED Video Wall
Self Climbing Truss Roof
Custom Staging