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The JTE Super Tower System supports an impressive two tons per tower and can be deployed in multiple configurations. Our custom ballast bases allow guy wire to remain tight to the structure, significantly reducing the footprint required by similar systems. Engineered by industry leaders TOMCAT and Clark & Reder, the Super Towers are a strong and reliable solution for outdoor applications and in venues where rigging points are unusable or unavailable.

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the United States Capitol building acts as the perfect stage backdrop for this event on the national mall in Washington DC
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Multiple Configurations

4-post, 6-post, covered roofs or grids. Our self climbing truss structure is a versatile tool that can be tailored to your needs.

Custom Ballast

Our custom designed ballast enable us to keep our footprint tight to the structure, allowing us to build in places others can’t.

Load Bearing Roof

Hang thousands of pounds of  sounds, LED Video Walls and Lighting!

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Custom Banners

Promote your brand, or your sponsors

Audio Fly Points

Hang a sound system up to 2000lbs per side of the stage!

Buildouts Available

Need a little more space? We can add more decking!

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