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A Klassic Sound modular stage will be custom built to your specifications. Our modular stage decks are constructed with a steel frame and 3/4″ plywood. They are load rated at 150 lbs per square foot, OSHA approved, and certified with an engineering stamp for structural safety and stability. Every stage build is guaranteed to be sturdy, level, and secure. Skirt, backdrop, banner, roof, and floor options are available to ensure your stage looks and feels exactly how you desire. Contact us for pricing on the following options:

  • Medium and Large Stages- fixed or rolling

  • Rolling Riser, Press Riser, Camera Riser, Follow Spot Riser, Choral Riser, Seating Riser

  • Pool and Fountain Cover Decks, Temporary Flooring

  • Lighting, Carpet, Guardrail, Skirt and Banner Options

  • Podium, Pipe & Drape, Barricade available upon request