Howard University Commencement

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Howard University’s 150th Commencement Convocation was truly an exceptional celebration in which we proudly took part. Keynote Speaker, Chadwick Boseman, delivered compelling and motivating reflection, expressing how his experiences as a student have influenced his successes in life. Howard’s Orchestra and Choir enhanced the program, performing with over one hundred talented student and faculty musicians. 
Our scope of work entailed multiple aspects of production including the supply of a Load Bearing Roof, Staging, Audio, Video, and Lighting. Our James Thomas Engineering Tower System served as a centerpiece to the event, providing a canopy over the stage, along with ground support for  line arrays, a lighting truss, signage, and two 16’x9′ LED Video walls flown from the fly bays. We utilized our Bil-Jax Multi Decks to build a custom, 3-tiered, 72’x40′ stage which comfortably held over one hundred fifty VIP’s, musicians, faculty, and speakers.
The Front of House audio system showcased our Clair i-Series line array, as it effortlessly reinforced speech, choir, and orchestral performance to over eight thousand graduates, family, and friends. Twelve i3 cabinets per side of the Tower System were flown as main hangs, with two additional i3 cabinets stacked per side as out-fills. Twenty Clair i-5B subs sat arrayed on the ground with four JBL VRX932 cabinets as front fills. The Stage Monitor system comprised an eight-way mix into bi-amplified JBL VRX915m wedges. All components were powered by Lab Gruppen PLM 20,000q amplifiers and run on a Dante network, with Yamaha QL consoles at Monitor and Front of House positions.
This was a large scale, high profile event, with many moving parts. It took a strong team of talented professionals to pull it off over the week long schedule. Thorough planning, and communication played a crucial role in the success of this production. 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) proved essential in coordinating logistics and communicating vision to our clients, staff, and outside vendors. With CAD assistance we stayed ahead of logistical concerns, and were able to ensure our client understood exactly what our service entailed prior to arrival.
All in all, it was an honor to take part in this incredibly successful ceremony. Howard University’s 150th Commencement Convocation is a shining example of the type of production we are ready to deploy with ease and agility.
Chadwick Bosman speaking from the podium at Howard University Commencement ceremony is 2019
Klassic Sound and Stage large scale set-up including our clair line array, truss roof, modular staging and led video walls.
An on stage look at the Yard during graduation season at Howard University in the district of Columbia.
Check out some of the equipment rentals that were used on this project.
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Klassic Sound and Stage large scale set-up including our clair line array, truss roof, modular staging and led video walls.

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