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Clair continues to lead, listen, develop and refine its loudspeaker technology with the i-3TM line array module. Meeting the unique demands of theaters, amphitheaters and corporate events for a compact, lightweight, cost effective, and easy-to-assemble line array system, the i-3 functions equally well as a small-to-midsized main system, or as side fill coverage in larger venues. The Clair i-3 system offers 3-way operation for extremely consistent SPL, frequency response, and controlled directivity throughout the venue. A centrally located mid/ high section provides 140° horizontal by 10° vertical coverage and is symmetrically flanked by low frequency tuned reflex chambers. With AlignArrayTM rigging hardware and prediction software, the i-3 may be assembled, flown and positioned quickly, safely and accurately. Integrated rigging hardware includes dual front locking devices and a rear adjustment bar with a quick-release pin, allowing the speaker array to be adjusted from 0° to 10° at fine intervals when suspended. A top grid extension bar is available to adjust coverage in difficult environments. Proprietary prediction software calculates array angles, weight and rigging details. Cabinets travel in upright groups of four, and can be flown directly to or from their travel dolly. The i-3 easily integrates with other Clair i-Series systems, and may also be supplemented with Clair BT-218 sub bass or FF-2 front fill enclosures.

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• 3-way Operation
• Clair AlignArrayTM Rigging
• Custom Clair Software Files for Various Configurations
• Easily integrates with i-5, i-DL, FF-2 and BT-218

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Weight: 100 lbs. (45.5 kg)
Height: 13.9” (35.3 cm)
Width: 33.7” (85.6 cm)
Depth: 20” (50.8 cm)

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Dimensions 33.7 × 20 × 13.9 in